From street seller to store magnate!

Our story begins during the economical crisis of the ’80s.

Hans Pardieck already sold small souvenirs for many years on the street market at Waterlooplein. In that time real souvenirshops didn’t exist and the tourism season was very short, only between April and September tourists came to Amsterdam. Airplane tickets were extremely expensive in that time, which is the reason why there weren’t a lot of tourists in Holland.
Because of the economical crisis in Holland, many retail stores in the center of Amsterdam were empty. Hans took his chance and rented a store at the Nieuwendijk with his last pennies.  It surprised everyone that his souvenirshop turned out to be a great hit and within six months Hans had 5 more souvenirshops!
After a while Hans even opened Europe’s biggest souvenirshop on Damrak 21, of no less than 325 square meters. To maintain the product range of the stores, Hans opened a warehouse in 1997. In 2003 this warehouse changed to a wholesale where our own product lines get designed and distributed: Total Dutch

Even today Hans’ stores are Europe’s most popular and biggest souvenir shops!

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